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Defender 90Defender 90

Defender 90 Land Rovers hold their value very well. Even now, 25 year old models are still fetching strong money on auction sites and forecourts. A Richards Chassis will enhance and protect your investment further.

We build all versions of the Defender 90 chassis, from the earliest 2.25l engines, through the Wolf, to the latest Puma engined cars.

Our chassis are made using 2.5mm side rails which are 25% heavier than the standard 2.00mm rails. Overall this gives a small increase in the vehicle weight but has a massive effect on the long term durability of the chassis.

We also use the correct rear cross member for the year of the vehicle, which means you will not have a 200Tdi model with a TD5 cross member for example. This is of course important as it is the only visible part of the chassis on the finished vehicle.

Gearbox cross members are available for the 200Tdi and 300Tdi models. These are galvanized and are a heavy duty design to be as damage resistant as possible.


Modifications & Extras

We offer a range of modifications and extras for the Defender 90 including galvanized heavy duty turret tops if required . Click Here to take a look. 



200 Chassis - 2.25 petrol or diesel / 2.5 NA / 2.5 TD / 200 TDi

Our 200 chassis fit all the early vehicles. The chassis were not altered until the introduction of the 300 TDi engine, which gives the owners of the older cars a chance to upgrade their engines without altering the chassis. This is also made a lot easier by the abundance of cheap Discovery’s. From a Discovery you can fit the engine with a few small alterations, the axles to give disc brakes all round, and also the higher ratio transfer box for easier motorway cruising - just don’t go too big on the tyres!








V8 Chassis - Original V8 excluding 50th Anniversary and NAS

The V8 chassis has remained basically unchanged since its introduction We provide anti-roll bars as standard.












300 Chassis - 300TDi

The 300 chassis will only fit 300TDi engine cars. They have anti roll bar mounts as standard. All the holes are re-drilled and tapped where necessary to ensure you will have no  problems fitting it. This is by far the most popular 90 chassis as the 300 is probably the best Landy engine before they changed to electronic engine management with the TD5.










TD5 Chassis - TD5

The TD5 chassis is now becoming quite a common replacement. The TD5 Land Rovers are very popular due to the modern engine which give loads of power and could almost be considered 'civilized' in Land Rover speak!

The 90 TD5 has a rear fuel tank which we can fit to all the earlier 90 chassis as a second or long range fuel tank.










NAS Chassis - NAS 90 V8 / 50th Anniversary

The (North American Spec) NAS 90 chassis was developed specifically for the US to comply with the stringent US crash tests. It differs to other Land Rovers in that it is an automatic.

This was released in limited numbers in the UK as the special “50th  Anniversary” edition. Again it has a rear fuel tank but it is different to the TD5 rear tank and uses totally different mounts and tank guards. The chassis also has the mounting points for the standard fit roll cages originally fitted to these cars.








Puma Chassis - 2.4 TDCi + 2.2 TDCi

The Puma is the latest offering from Land Rover. This is sometimes wrongly called the TD4 but it is not the same engine that appears in the Freelander TD4. The Puma chassis is a variation of the TD5 chassis with the plastic rear tank but all engine, gear box mounts and exhaust hangers are different. The other major difference is that the “crows feet” which hold the rear “A” frame have been removed and replaced with brackets welded directly to the “A” frame cross member.















Modifications and Extras

All our chassis come in a range of options. these are explained below and available to choose under our prices section for a more accurate quote.


Left, Right, Uni-frame

All Defender chassis are uni-frame by design, therefore this option is FREE!











Bolt In Gear Box Cross member

The bolt in gear box cross members are available if yours is unfit for your rebuild. Make sure you specify this option on our price list page ..








Fuel tank arrangement

We are able to offer the option of fitting a TD5 style rear fuel tank on the earlier 200 and 300 type chassis depending on your requirements. We can do this using the TD5 rear cross member, or we can modify a standard rear cross member to retain the original look of the chassis.

Make sure you specify this option on our price list page



TD5 Rear End









Standard TDi














90" Seat Box Mounts

Fits on all 90" Chassis on top of A-frame cross member. 



90" Seat Belt Mounts

Fits underneath the seat box for the seat belt mounts to bolt onto.



90" Front Fuel Tank Mount

Fits on front, right hand side radius arm mount to support fuel tank under the driver's seat. To suit 200tdi, 300tdi and V8.



NAS Roll Cage Mount

Fits on the end of the A-frame cross member to mount the NAS style roll cage.








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